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HR Policy

We shape our human resources policies, strategies and processes based on two basic principles:

● We recognize and respect all the rights of our employees under legal contracts and agreements.

● We focus on improving Employee Engagement to make our company the “ Best Workplace”.


Taking the measures that will keep the job security of our employees at the highest level and keeping their awareness at the highest level,

It will create a working environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees and will increase employee engagement which is the biggest factor in our company's continuous success;

Developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of our employees; provide them with opportunities to uncover their potential, perform superiorly and develop their careers; We plan and implement activities that will raise the awareness of our employees on the principle of being customer-oriented, aware of their responsibilities towards society and being an individual who prioritizes the ethical values of International Paper. It is our basic philosophy to develop relations with our stakeholders in accordance with the IP Code of Ethics in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In this context, we take care to maintain the high level of serenity in our businesses within the framework of the trust relationship we have established with our employees and the union and the collective bargaining agreement.

Our Core Values


We live in a time when we face new realities, dominated by rapid innovation. For our ethical values, we rely on our strong, durable and time-tested core values.

Safety: Above all, we care about people. We look out for each other to ensure everyone returns home safely.

Ethics: We act honestly and operate with integrity and respect. We promote a culture of openness and accountability.

Stewardship: We are responsible stewards of people and communities, natural resources, and capital. We strive to leave everything in better shape for future generations.


Ethics at IP

The people of International Paper believe that "ethical behavior and personal integrity are the core of our culture." This is the ethical foundation that guides our work and our lives.

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The IP Way Forward

The IP Way Forward is our strategic framework to pursue our vision to be one of the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world and create value for all stakeholders for generations to come.

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