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Investor Relations

Olmuksan's Profile

A prominent part of the corrugated packaging industry since 1968, Olmuksan International Paper has been offering high quality products and services to customers all around Turkey.Being an industry leader for over 50 years comes with its responsibilities; Olmuksan International Paper lives up to its reputable name with studious concern and strong loyalty toward customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the society, and with a solid commitment to portray good corporate citizenship.


Shareholder Structure

%90.38 - 223,343,592 TL

I.P.Container Holdings(Spain) S.L.

%9.62 - 23,758,908 TL


%100 - 247,102,500 TL

Total Capital

Message from the Chairman

Eric Gerard Michel

Chairman of the Board

Dear Shareholders,

The year 2020 was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that heavily impacted economies, businesses and people around the globe. The Turkish economy however was among the few to grow in 2020, achieving a plus of 1.8% in GDP over the year due to industry investments and strong consumer spend. The year had started strong with an increase of 4.5% in Q1 before the first Covid-19 cases appeared in the country in March, followed by a drop of -9% in Q2 and Q3, ending with a strong finish of +5.9% in the final quarter. The Turkish Lira remained under pressure and very volatile seeing significant swings in foreign exchange rate vs. the USD from 5.96TL at the start of the year up to the historical peak of 8.48TL in November.



Message from the General Manager

Yılmaz Selçuk

General Manager

Dear stakeholders,

The year 2020 will make history as a year when a very unusual order was built, and almost the entire world population was affected from healthcare, social, cultural and economic standpoint not only in Turkey but also in the entire world. Impacts of Covid-19 virus that broke out in the Far East in late 2019 jumped to the pother regions of the world, starting from early 2020, and turned into a pandemic. Thanks to Covid-19 committee we established for closely following latest developments and taking necessary measures before March when our country heard the news on the first positive case, we, Olmuksan IP, started acting with the awareness that looking out for health and safety of our employees is our most important responsibility and we're still keeping an eye on this matter.


Corporate Governance


Financial Reports:

Financial Reports:



Public Disclosures

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You can access Past Dated Disclosures on the '' Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) '' website.


Company Information:

  • Title of the Company

    Olmuksan International Paper Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
  • Trade Registry Information

    İstanbul Ticaret Sicil Memurluğu
  • Registration No.

  • Tax Registry Information

    Büyük Mükellefler Vergi Dairesi
  • Tax ID No.



The IP Way Forward

The IP Way Forward is our strategic framework to pursue our vision to be one of the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world and create value for all stakeholders for generations to come.

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