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COVID-19 Global Outbreak Notice | Olmuksan

COVID-19 Global Outbreak Notice

COVID-19 Global Outbreak Notice

The coronavirus pandemic, which we all follow closely; continues to have its effect all over the world.

This pandemic, which seriously threatens public health, also negatively affects the operating environment in countries, while leaving deep marks on the daily business operations of companies.

What is most needed in this period of all-out struggle is to ensure the healthiest sustainability of life and production.

On this occasion in Olmuksan IP ; what we have done in this pandemic; We wanted to share our current operational status with you privately.

First of all we always responsible for setting the foreground perspective as a requirement of our human values ​​, we have taken many measures in Turkey as well as all over the world.

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Health & Safety

  • The trainings are continuous provided on protection to Covid 19. Warning and awareness-raising COVID-19 precautions, use of masks, general rules to be followed and information posters were hung in factories and offices all over the country.

  • Mask distribution being organized by security department from factory entrance and exit. In addition, employees in all shifts are exchanged 2 times.

  • Fever measurements are made for employees at the entrance of the facility and employees are admitted to the facilities and offices accordingly.

  • Global Pandemic Response Teams, which are formed at the country and region level, meet frequently and discuss the activities that are done and to be done.

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  • All our employees protect themselves and their surround at the highest level of hygiene.

  • All of our offices, factories and common areas are frequently cleaned, disinfected, and the importance of hand hygiene and hygiene is increased with disinfectants placed at different points.

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Our Production

  • During this period, TSE Covid 19 Safe Production Certificate was obtained for all our facilities.

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Social Isolation

  • Social isolation is ensured by determining the seating arrangements of the employees working in the common areas and separating them with separators.

  • During this period,we provided services to work with 50% occupancy capacity of employee transported service vehicles.

  • Quarantine measures taken to protect the health of our employees against the Covid-19 epidemic, evaluated by the Olmuksan-Covid teams and applied as the government stipulates.

  • Employee capacities were reduced across all factories. Accordingly, the density in service vechiles, dining hall and offices was also rearranged, targeting "Zero Risk" within the scope of covid.

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Home / Remote Working

  • In order to slow the spread of the virus, most of our office workers work from their homes by providing the necessary technological infrastructure.

  • Working from home, our meetings are held via webex conference and telephone

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Psychological support

  • In this period; working from home or from factories is also difficult for psychologically, so the online psychological support system “MyCare” is always with us to support our employees.

The IP Way Forward

The IP Way Forward is our strategic framework to pursue our vision to be one of the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world and create value for all stakeholders for generations to come.

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